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I believe that support for economic development in countries prone to conflict has never been more important. Employment promotes peace and stability.  Through Future Brilliance and Aayenda Jewelry, we are demonstrating just how successful this approach can be.  With the support of Future Brilliance, Aayenda has captured global attention and admiration in just a few years.  By helping this fledgling business develop products that can compete with the world's finest brands, we’re helping put the Afghan people on the path to a peaceful and sustainable future.  We hope you consider joining us on this journey.

Sophia Swire


Future Brilliance

Helping men and women learn the technical skills while developing the entrepreneurial spirit that will help them succeed in today’s interconnected world. 

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aayenda Jewelry

Aayenda Jewelry is a fair-trade fashion jewelry brand with a mission to create work for thousands artisans in Afghanistan – especially women.

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